Chocoholic Mint Scented Candle

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Chocolate Love is the only kind of true love, isn't it?

Capturing the sweetness of chocolate with a twist of cool mint, this scent gives your smell sense an instant refreshment.

What are your weekend plans?

Because ours is for sure binge-watching a romantic movie with our jar of Chocoholic Mint on our side!



Burn Time 

6 oz (32+ hours) (~170 gm)

3 oz (15+ hours) (~90 gm)



Premium, Natural Vegetable Soy Wax.



Quality Ingredients for most Organic, Vibrant Scent.


This has soothing and refreshing effects in cases of tension and stress. The chocolate is a natural aphrodisiac and hence it helps in uplifting your mood.


Top Notes - Chocolate, Mint, Honey

Base Notes - Vanilla, Rose


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