White Concrete Candle (Set of 2)

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Inspired from the purpose of Reusability, Joyous Beam has come up with the concept of “Concrete Candles”.

The speciality about these beauties is that they are made from Dead Rock and hence the sturdiness and texture of the mould give it an aesthetic look. This beautiful collection will add warmth and charm in your Home/Office Decor Range with some Planters by the side.

Talking about the reusability once used, these empty moulds can be used as Planters or as Stationary Holders.

Amazing Combination of our Proprietary formulated mix of wax with this Elegant moulds is carefully designed keeping in mind the decor needs of your Space.

Whether you are setting up your Tea Table or adding quirky elements to your Bedside Table or searching for some pleasing Candles for your Office Desk, these Concrete Candles are the right fit. Order these Candles Online and share how you decorated your space with us.

Consists of

1 Square Mould 

1 Cylinder Mould

(in the same colour)






Crispy Pine: Cool Scent of Northern Pine, Fir with notes of ozone and balsam.



Height : 2.5” inch , Diameter : 1.5” Inch



Organic Vegetable Soy Mix


12-15 hrs


*Available in Unscented Option too.

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