Mega Game of Throne Box

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Why choose when you can have all Four Candles at an amazing deal, book your Mega GoT box and get all the Characters home in a click.


Perks you enjoy with this Game of Throne COMBO

  • Exclusive Fragrances (Specially Ordered for GoT characters)
  • Hand drawn Labels
  • Customised Wooden Coasters
  • All that Glittery Candles (Exclusive)

You will for sure feel those Game of Throne vibes with these #joyousbeamcandles around.

Details of all the Four Candles are listed below

“The Mother of Dragon”
6 oz (~ 170 gm)

Colour - Fire Red

Fragrance Notes - Frankincense and Camphor

Giving you the feel of sitting amidst the Woods and Fire, creating mystery all around. This fragrance oil has a Calming Camphor in it, with Frankincense that is known for Relieving Stress.

Life - 32+ hours

Golden Glitter on top.

“The Night King” 
6 oz (~ 170 gm)

Colour - Cool Pale Blue

Fragrance Notes - Citrus, Amber and Musk

The Perfect fragrance that will immediately transfer you to a cool place where you feel the ocean breeze hitting your face directly. We think the smell will make you feel like you are spending an Evening by the Beach with your feet buried in Sand and eyes enjoying the Pleasant Sunset.

Life - 32+ hours

Dark Blue Glitter on top.

“The Lady of Casterly Rock”
3 oz (~ 90 gm)

Colour - Bright Yellow

Fragrance Notes - Vanilla, Burnt Coconut, Butterscotch

Sweet Notes of Vanilla and Butterscotch that gives you the exact feeling of Bakery at home. Remember entering into a Cafe and get the aroma of Fresh Waffles being served? This Candle will bring that experience into your Room.

Life - 15+ hours

Dark Green Glitter on top.

“The White Wolf”
3 oz (~ 90 gm)

Colour - Snow White

Fragrance Notes - Northern Pine, CedarWood

Northern Pine 🌲 Scent with hints of CedarWood, Musk this fragrance is so beautiful that the sheer smell of it will make you close your eyes and feel you are at a Chilly Christmas Winter Night. It will make you want to snuggle inside your blanket with a Hot cup of Cocoa with your favourite Book by your side.

Life - 15+ hours

Turquoise Glitter on top.

Two Wooden Candle Coasters

These Wooden Coasters designed specially on Arya Stark and Tyrion Lannister. And Guess what these are in Puzzle form just to create that extra excitement. We know all of you love these characters and so these coasters will be Pre-included in all our Variants.

Get your hands on this Exclusive GoT Box NOW!! 


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