The Night King

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Perks you enjoy with this Night King Candle.

  • Exclusive Fragrances (Specially Ordered for GoT characters)
  • Hand drawn Labels
  • All that Glittery Candles (Exclusive)
“The Night King” 
6 oz (~ 170 gm)


Colour - Cool Pale Blue

Fragrance Notes - Citrus, Amber and Musk

The Perfect fragrance that will immediately transfer you to a cold place where you feel the ocean breeze hitting your face directly. We think the smell will make you feel like you are spending an Evening by the Beach with your feet buried in Sand and eyes enjoying the Pleasant Sunset.

We hope you reached the place that we are talking about. This fragrance does the same job to you.

Life - 32+ hours

Dark Blue Glitter on top.


Burn Time 

6 oz (32+ hours) (~170 gm)



Premium, Natural Vegetable Soy Wax.



Quality Ingredients for most Organic, Vibrant Scent.



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