Tangy Citrus Scented Candle

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Do you like Meditating?

Do you spend 15-20 minutes daily chanting “Ohm”?

If yes, then this smell will surely help you create a Peaceful Environment which will release all the stress and transfer you to a serene world of Birds Chirping and Fresh Air. For all your Yoga/Meditation hours, Spa appointments this fragrance will be a Perfect Company.


Burn Time 

6 oz (32+ hours) (~170 gm)

3 oz (15+ hours) (~90 gm)



Premium, Natural Vegetable Soy Wax.



Quality Ingredients for most Organic, Vibrant Scent.



Aroma extracted from Cinnamon Essential Oil helps in Detoxifying Air, ease Painful Muscles and Reduces Headache. It helps improve your Brain Functioning and Concentrate better.


Top notes - Cinnamon with warm orange.
Base notes - Clove and nutmeg.

Must Note

  • Complete Handmade manufacturing process which ensures Environment-Friendly Products.
  • Constant Testing and Experimentation to guarantee a Healthy Experience to all of you.
  • No use of Chemicals or toxic scents for a natural and organic atmosphere around you.
  • Use of Vegetable Waxes that are proved to be carbon-free, resulting in Smoke-free Candles.
  • Smooth and Steady burn for a Long - Lasting Life of a Candle.

Candle Care

  • Let the Candle burn for at least 4 hours in the First Run.
  • Trim the wick to 1/4th inch after every burn (or whenever you notice black smoke).
  • Don't leave burning candles Unattended.
  • Keep away from Children and Pets.
  • Do not burn till the end of Jar ( stop burning when 1/2 inch of unmelted wax remains)


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