Best of Scented Concrete Candles - set of four - Different fragrance

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If you are new here and don't know what to buy from the plethora of candles we have then don't worry. We have curated Best of Joyous Beam Candle Combos.

With all the best sellers included, this Scented Candle Combo is a perfect Candle gift set.

Combo consists of three soothing scents:

  • Japanese Cherry
Fragrance Notes: Japanese Cherry Blossom,Magnolia.
Colour: Light Pink
The lighter floral fragrance is a delight for the senses. Romantic notes of the candle make it a perfect element for a cozy bedroom. It creates a paradise of a calming atmosphere. An energetic and stimulating scent.
  • Crispy Pine
Fragrance Notes: Pine,Fir and Cedar wood.
Colour: White
Pine Scented Candles can relieve stress and is effective for removing mental fatigue. It is known for refreshing your spirits since it is an excellent mood elevator. This clarifying, uplifting scent is a one-stop solution for your daily dose of baby sleep at night.
  • Mocha Brew
Fragrance Notes: Coffee,Chocolate and Cappuccino.
Colour: Light brown.
Simply smelling coffee can give you a brain boost. Pulling an all-nighter will be so much easy when you have this mocha and cappuccino notes floating around your air. These soothing notes will release instant good feelings and can even relieve you from headache.

    Burn time: 15+ hours each

    Diameter : 1.75" inch, Height : 3" inch 

    Non toxic and No carcinogenic  elements.

    100% Cotton Wick.



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