Halloween Candle - Bloody Mary

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 Are you planning something scary fun for this Halloween Day? 

You must have penned down all the party ideas for Halloween along with your spine-chilling Halloween Costumes!

This year, sprinkle your room decoration plans with scary looking candles soothing the aura with halloween fragrances.

The conjuring magic of drops of blood dripping down this candle jar will give you frightening goosebumps. With citrus twist of orange and lemon fragrance this halloween candle will make sure to fulfil  all your ghosting fantasies!


Burn Time 

3 oz (15+ hours) (~250 gm)

Single wick



Premium, Natural Vegetable Soy Wax.



Quality Ingredients for most Organic, Vibrant Scent.

Top Notes - Orange and Lemon
Base Notes - Eucalyptus


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