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20 Sarcastic and Funny Candle gifts for your best-friend !

Fed up of gifting those same things again and again to your friends and you are really looking forward for something to spice up things a bit? Well with humor, love, and real-life situations we have created these 20 sarcastic and funny candle gifts for your friends that you don't want to miss. Because gifts always make so much more sense if they are relatable.

  1. For a friend who cracks lame jokes all the time...
    Candle for friend , lame jokes

  2. For a friend who is all about the sweet food...Candle for friend, sweet tooth

  3. For a friend who thinks ludo is the best game ever...Candle for friend , ludo lover

  4. For a friend who likes to cook...Candle for friend , chef

  5. For a friend who is lazy as hell...Candle for friend , lazy person

  6. For a friend who loves books...Candle for friend , bibliophile , loves books

  7. For a friend which won't mind some onscreen drama...Candle for friend , daily soap lovers

  8. For a friend who performs everything as a TASK...                      clumsy person , Candle for friend

  9. For a friend who is conscious about their lover , gift for yoga , Candle for friend

  10. For a friend who can never make it on time... funny gifts for friend , candle for late comer

  11. For a friend who might be struggling right now...funny gifts for friend , tough times

  12. For a friend who dances their heart out...funny gifts for bestfriends , gift for dancers

  13. For a friend who is violent...candle for friends

  14. For a friend who has goals yet to for workaholic , funny gifts for best friend

  15. For a friend who doesn't interact for introvert

  16. For a friend who thinks they are just gathering knowledge...Candle for gossip lovers . funny gifts for friends

  17. For a friend who has every solution to your problem...funny candles for friends , gifts for bestfriend

  18. For a friend who has been with you for a long for long lasting friend

  19. For a friend who knows everything...funny gift for bestfriend

  20. For a friend who thinks it is possible...funny gift for friends , candle for friends

If you like them and wish to order one, two or all of these for your different friends contact us via email ( and we will deliver candle which is customised just for your friend according to their personality.

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Great article! These candle gift ideas are hilarious and spot on for every type of friend. I especially loved the one for the friend who cracks lame jokes all the time! Can’t wait to get a few of these for my friends from Candle Deli. Keep the fun ideas coming!

John Pery

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Monica Mark

Absolutely spot-on list! These candle gifts are not just perfect for lighting up a room but also for lighting up our friendship with laughter. Thanks for the chuckles and the fantastic gift ideas!
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Monica Mark

This is awesome it’s sort of personalised gifting for almost all. Great idea, I hope you will surely come out with more iterations like for doctors or something. The write-up is also really good short and sweet

Valay Shah


Valay Shah

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