• Festive Gift Set

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Festive Gift Set

Concrete Candles

Scented Candles

Soy Butter Candle

Bulk Gifitng

Let us be the light of your next occasion. Gifting Personalised Candles with your message of love attached to it and packed in an elegant way will create an unforgettable impact.

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From the Roots

Scented Candle

"These Scented Candle was the best option as a gift for the Women's day. All the beautiful ladies (including my choosy Mother) loved it. Best Part you arranged all the last minute deliveries. I think i can always count on you guys."


Soy Butter Candle

"I have been trying it since a while and my husband noticed that how my skin is more soft now. Its an experience that is making me fall in love with my skin and I like it more because it doesn't promote skin glowing rather its more of a product promoting self love. Totally loving it.Kudos to Soy Butter Candle"

Ankita Chakraborty

Gel Candles

"These Colourful Gel Candles added the perfect charm to my Entire Room Decor. Setting up the Candle Light Dinner Table followed by a Proposal with this one was a Perfect Idea.

Also She Said YES!!!!!!!! "


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Lucky Charms

People who have gracefully collaborated with Joyous Beam and spread a word on our behalf. To them and many more, Thank You all. (Click on the respective image to Know More)

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