About us

Joyous Beam Candles is creative venture by two sisters , Priyanshi and Yashvi. We create handmade unique Candles in Jar and we take proud in saying that all our Raw Materials are completely Organic and Non Toxic.The entire process included in creating these Candles from cutting the wick to a right size to packing the candle in a way that it reaches safely to our clients , each of the Jars are examined 8 times. 
We believe strongly that during the entire burning life of a Candle , a person should be able to feel Joy whether it is by looking at the Vibrant Colours of our Candles or Smelling that soothing fragrances. It is indeed so much more than just a Source of Light. Candles created by us will always be attached to a therapeutic , meditational and relaxing purpose.
Joyous Beam Candles have been creating these beautiful jewels since 2016 with our efficient and trusted vendors by our side , we are capable to meet any Bulk Customised Requirements in shortest span of time. We provide tailor made solutions for bulk inquiries after having proper knowledge of your occasion , gifts and targeted audience.
More about knowing the creators of Joyous Beam ,  Yashvi (the younger one) works on production part of the company from deciding the Raw Materials to finalising the magical formula , while Priyanshi (the elder one) is concerned to design new marketing strategies for both Online and Offline Campaigns. We feel that when you have a baby startup with you , the roles are blurred , you have to work on everything from being a Courier Girl to being a boss babe , Everything needs special attention. 
So, If you are visiting us for the first time , we welcome you to our Shop that is Handcrafted with only and only pure Love , feel free to talk to us about any queries you have , we are always grateful for you to be a part of this Journey along with us.


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