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3 best scented candles for bedroom

The topic itself sounds very mushy isn't it?
I just googled the term "candle bedroom" and trust me the suggestions I have got are hilarious and this made me think that people are so much active in making their bedroom life healthier.Hence adding to all your awareness, I hope to throw some light on your search terms with this article!
When it comes to scented candles the choice can get a little tougher hence this little article is to help you with choosing the right scent to setup a romantic atmosphere for bedrooms.(use of high SEO ranking term)
I would first of all give an idea of what a scent does?

Scents have a power of MEMORY.
Attaching a scent to any particular event can help anyone associate that scent with that memory.
Just like  the wet mud smell of rainfall reminds you of your happy childhood play. In the same manner when you use a same scent for a moment that moment becomes memorable, now whenever you will sense this scent you will be immediately be nostalgic for the happy moment attached to it.Along with this the candle light, that warm, dim, soothing yellow flickering flame adds so much of romance and intimacy to the atmosphere.Romantic candles decor can do wonders to your special evening!

Now that you know why scented candles are good for bedroom? Let's dive into the three suggestions which we have gathered from our three years of experience into Scented candle making industry.

  1. Japanese Cherry Scented Candle

This one has to top my list because the beautiful blend of cherry blossom, magnolia and rose flowers has made this one a best seller among the 40 other scents available at Joyous Beam Candles.
The floral smell is sweet, refreshing, subtle yet strong, and lively.
The smell notes of this particular candle gives you a romantic vibe from the very first sniff of it.
Be it a date night, romantic first night, marriage anniversary surprise, couples massage setup, this  scented candles will charm the atmosphere with its aroma every time.

pink scented fragrance candles

  1. Tender Vanilla Scented Candle

Another hot favourite is this one with scent notes of  French Vanilla, butterscotch, burnt coconut and butter.
The smell here can be defined as dessert like, cosy cafe aroma, romantic, bubbly and exotic.Vanilla flavour is the most known  and hence if you are a first time scented candle user this one will never fail you.
Decorate your bed side table with fresh romantic flower like roses or baby breath  and place the vanilla concrete candles and you are all set for the romantic getaway with your boyfriend.
if you are hooked to smell of coffee then one more variant in the same family of fragrances is Mocha Brew scented candle with notes of coffee and vanilla that can be a perfect option for your special night!

coffee scented candles

  1. Musk Scented Candle

This one is a bit woody option but the notes of patchouli and geranium mixed with the evergreen Musk makes it a cosy companioned you know that most of the perfumes from channel to axe has the notes of "Musk" in its recipe.It smells fruity as well as floral but mostly very light.
This one lingers calmly in your atmosphere for the longest time making you feel its subtle presence every now and then. Joyous Beam curates the most amazing metallic candles with notes of musk hence along with your bedroom decor these statement pieces are a beautiful all time fit.
musk candle

These observations are based on talks with so many couples and their buying patterns that we come across.Reviews and feedbacks from them has given our study live proofs.

These scented candle options are all time favourites when it comes to selecting a gift for your girlfriend, or a gift for spouse!
Let us know which other fragrances you find romantic and memories attached to it in the comments below.

After all, the beautiful memories associated to a scent makes them worthy!

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