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5 Daily Routine Moments when you can light a Scented Candle

Candles are a very subjective term in India. By this statement what I mean is everyone has a different way to look at this Element and has different ideas on how they can use a Candle or When they can use it.
Today in this article We will be talking about how can we incorporate Candles in our Day to Day Life and What Impacts are seen having these soothing Light Source around.
Joyous Beam Candles is working in Candle Manufacturing field since around 1 and a half year now and so we come across a lot many people saying

"How does having a Scented Candle around help?"
"Candles are meant to be used only on Birthdays or Diwali."
"I have too many Candles, But when should I light it?"

From our Knowledge, Research and a Process to use Candles as a part of Daily Routine till now, We have been able to crack this much, that they indeed are the most Calming thing to have around and today We are here to share those Insights with you all.
We will be listing 5 scenarios that you may come across in your Daily Routine and how having a Burning Candle around at this time can make that moment better.


So let's dive deep into the World of Light !! 

1. With Early Morning Chai

Imagine this scene, you get out of your bed, take that long yawn stretching your hands and are all ready to start the day.
Before doing that take a moment and light up a Scented Candle, until you freshen up, the aroma will fill your surroundings and now sipping your favorite Chai/Coffee with this Scent in air will help you focus, will give your brain and senses a signal to start off your hustling for the day with a Peaceful state.
The fragrance of a Candle will detoxify the air and will instead fill it with positive vibes.
Make this small effort to light up a Jar of Scented Candle every morning and notice the difference in your thoughts and approaches instantly.

Don't worry this will not change the taste of Chai that you love so dearly. 

pink jar scented candles



2. While Reading your Favourite Biography / Fiction

Reading is just like therapy in itself. We immediately get lost in the story of characters and start enjoying their Journey. The amount of Exposure we get by reading a book cannot be compared to any other activity.
Why not have a Calming Scent around while we are putting our brain on this daily exercise of Reading.
Scented Candles have one simple quality and that is it can make any moment cheerful. Scents send a message to our senses to focus and to enjoy, to live each occasion more deeply.
Books and Candles are the best companions as both have the same properties of reducing mental fatigue and they complement each other in all manners.
Next time Don't forget to grab your favorite Scented Candle Jar before reaching out for the book you have been longing to read. 


best fragrance candles


3. While working on that Last Minute Project/Assignment

We all feel the need to focus sometimes to meet that deadline. Keep ourselves from getting distracted and losing concentration while working on a very important PowerPoint Presentation.
Make a small change here and start lighting a Candle every time as you reach your Office Cabin. Maybe gift this to a New Colleague who is facing a hard time settling in this new atmosphere.
Having a Candle around in these office hours will help you take a break, reorganize everything and give a fresh start.
Take some few moments off from your work and try to focus on the flame of the Candle, see how it flickers and how that wick is burning just to spread Love and you can't resist but focus better in your work.


4. Company for the Dinner

Long Day right?
Dinners are the most favorite time of the day for me. After that long tiring day and all the efforts, we all deserve some lip-smacking dishes and just forget about everything and relax.
Before gobbling up your entire meal, take some time out and light your favorite Scented Candle and let it fill your dining area with this easy-going mood. Go for a lighter scent for this time which can make you sway on that Romantic music in the background.
Maybe Frech Vanilla?
If a Candle can help you charge up for the early morning hustle it can similarly even help you stop all the thoughts and relax and just forget everything for a while.

5. When you crave for a baby sleep
Okay, we all have struggled with this thing once in our lifetime and that is to cut ourselves off from all the anxiety, thoughts and just switch off our brains and go to SLEEP.
We all crave that baby like sleep at night. Scented Candle being a natural sedative can be the only cure to this. Fragrance and the light of Candle sends a signal of Self-love, Well-being to our brains, it helps induce Calmness.
Take up your favorite scent, that speaks of your individuality and lit it before sleeping.
Let the day end with this one and sleep with a thought of loving your own self better tomorrow and achieving everything you have ever wished.

Let us know in Comment Section below if you feel that there are any more ways you want to incorporate a Candle in your Daily Routine and how would you do that?

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Thanks for the suggestions! I’ve never tried lighting candles in the morning before. I’ll surely try it out!

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