6 Quirky and Simple Christmas Decoration Ideas

6 Quirky and Simple Christmas Decoration Ideas

Are you one of those who want to have a refreshing decor in your home and office space?

It's the most beautiful time of the year and we are all hazzeling to and fro on how to cheer up our personal space to reach the Christmas Spirit present in the air. But, let's be honest, we are all busy running our race to earn a living and we hardly get enough time to dedicate to decorate our home with fancy stuff and make efforts to reflect our inside joy on the outside.

Planning Christmas decorations for office or home will surely be easier with these 6 quirky yet simple tips!

Here are a few ideas that will do justice to your money's worth. These simple hacks shall light up your home which can be used in multiple ways and help you transfer our home over the weekend!

 1.Fancy Warm-Socks

Did you know socks were originally used instead of stockings? The tradition began in a European country where children simply used one of their socks but was eventually replaced or rather renamed as ‘Christmas Stockings’. So why not do what originally started?

Adding up fancy socks as hangings is a great way to add up quirky-ness in the room this Christmas! Plus, they never go out of style. Get some cool and fancy socks to hang them around (you never know when would Santa come by to drop presents for you) and post-Christmas, you have all the socks for yourself.

Maybe you can even put in a secret personal message for your family members to find out later!

Christmas Decorations for office

2.Customized Christmas Candles

Brighten up your home by lighting up candles!

Using candles creates an environment of intimacy that sets the mood in the room, making the guests feel very welcomed. There are varieties of candles available which you can use to light up the room to bring in warmth and coziness to your ambience.

Use Concrete candles during dinner for aesthetic purposes and add up Scented candles in your hall room to cheer up the Christmas spirit air! Let the floral fragrance dance in your room or how about Beachy Vibes or Tender vanilla dancing all over the Christmas air?

The subtle lighting will cheer up your soul. Admit it, there is something very warm and inviting about candles. They hold power to cast a magical aura wherever placed. The good news is, such candles are easily available online!

P.S. Personalised Christmas Candles can also be a perfect gift this Christmas and New Year! 

Christmas Decorations for office

Christmas Decorations candles

3.Empty Wine Bottles

Do you have empty wine bottles that you are about to dispose of? Wait a minute, don't throw them away! In fact, reuse it as decor by adding few elements into the bottle like fairy lights and hang them up or place the bottle neatly on the shelf.

You can also use ornaments to add up the beauty on the empty bottle and craft out creativeness out of the wine bottle. You can even paint them with chalkboard paint and write beautiful greetings on them!!

If your wine bottle is transparent, you can add fresh water and add fresh colorful flowers if the fairy lights do not go well. This is one the most unique way to bring in aesthetics!

Christmas Decorations

4.Plants, Plants, and Plants

Is the idea of having a Christmas Tree taking away all your space? Here is a brilliant alternative - get a plant and decorate it with Christmas lights! Add up Scented Candle Jars around your plant to make it look more aesthetic and attractive. 

The basic idea of having a Christmas Tree was to symbolize its trinity and the nature of a new life. That is why people would get a Christmas tree at the end of the year to mark the new beginning and the end of the old year.

A plant shall stay with you more than a Christmas tree, plus, you don't even have to worry to take it off by January as it would not be taking up more space and shall promote calmness and wellbeing over the year. You can wrap beautiful Christmas Lights around your plants. Plan fun activities of painting the Pots with your friends, family, and kids!



Food indeed is a religion! So why not use them in a fancy manner to be different from the rest of the people because hardly anyone uses food as decor. Well, not literally, but we can hang candies around the hall room and decorate the kitchen by placing a beautiful bowl full of cookies or choco pie for that matter.

Get your fancy plates, trays, wooden chop boards and decorate them with threads, ribbons and of course lip-smacking Christmas Snack. Place them on your dining table with other decorating elements and you are all set.You can have hanging cones around your Christmas Trees and fill them with chocolates.

So put up your creative hats and start planning for such edible decorations!

Christmas Decorationchristmas decorations 

6.Photo Hangers

This is one of the most personalized decorative ideas which will bring in a personal touch to your home bringing in flashbacks of memories. All you have to do is get Polaroid type print-outs of the pictures with your family when you were having the time of your lives with them and hang them up with a string. You can dedicate a corner specifically for this calling it the Flashback Corner!

The wall is yours to work with. It is like a blank canvas that you have to fill with anything you like. Use this space to reflect the festive spirit.

The holiday season is right around the corner and we cannot contain our excitement! These simple and handy Christmas decoration ideas shall help you add on brightness and lift the spirit of your home.

Christmas Decorations for office

Merry Christmas!


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