Cosy Scented Candles with wine in tray for Home Decor

Which Scented Candles are best for Home Decor?

The Candle Ecstasy

According to the famous adage: ‘Home is where the heart lies’, we all shall agree that our home is the only uninhibited and cathartic place for us. We all want to make up our home in a way that it just not makes a pretty picture but it creates a quality of life. Home décor plays a big role here. Candles for home décor contribute significantly to the beauty of the house and the nourishment of the soul. Let us understand the art of Candle decor for our abode! 

The smell of the house is the first thing that captures you even before you explore the sight of the house. A soothing scent plays a big part in home styling ideas. Scented candles for home send out a big message about your character, affinity, and mood. So you should not go wrong here. 

Scented Escape! 

The scent of the candle should complement the home décor. Just like a good song has the power to uplift your mood, so do scented candles create the magic. 

Fruity flavors like green apple, berries exude great refreshment and energy, and they nicely merge with vivid tones and lively atmosphere. Woody notes like frankincense comprises the scents of nature, the delicate aromas of the ocean and mountain air that create the illusion of the open space. They are ideal for autumn and winter days when closed windows and doors make us feel devoid of the freshness of the natural environment.  Spicy and food flavors like ginger, basil, vanilla, chocolate, coconut, cinnamon, etc provide a warm and tranquil ambiance.

Scented candle with greens for home decor

If you are looking at having a healing effect at home, you should opt for herbal scents for home styling ideas. If it is a date night at your home, don’t miss out on the seductive fragrances like Pine and fir. They shall be the perfect aphrodisiac! 

Aromatic Corners

Now that we understand the fragrances, let us understand the placement of candles for home decor. You can use different sizes and textures of candle jars depending upon the place of arrangement. You can decorate your home with candles at Pooja room, Dining table, Bedside table, Coffee table, Living room, bathroom, etc.

Cosy Scented Candles with wine in tray for Home Decor

 Your living room décor is the first to catch the eye of a guest. Place a striking candle decor on the middle table of the room. You may play with different sizes and textures. Keep the scents here very subtle so that they don’t empower the food aroma. Candle decor at the coffee table instantly boosts the home decor. 

Cosy Jasmine Scented Candle with a tea cup creating warm ambiance

You can use candle trays and put up a tall candle stands with some woody flavor candles. In your bedroom, the bedside table is a perfect corner for candle decor where you can use dried eucalyptus stems on a mirrored tray to give a fun effect. You may also combine it with perfume or a lotion or a piece of jewelry on the tray. Scented candles for the bathroom are a must. Place it near the basin and you may use some floral fragrances here with low heightened candles. 


gel candle with buddha and some greens on the shelf abpve the bed - candles for home decor

Candles enthusiasts, go out there, get some great candles and instantly adorn your living nest!

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