Awareness on Mental empowerment and General well-being with Life Coach Expert Ivy Chakraborty

Awareness on Mental empowerment and General well-being with Life Coach Expert Ivy Chakraborty

This blog is all about different aspects of mental empowerment, general well-being and small lifestyle changes that can help you handle your stress more effectively.
In this blog series, we invite different experts and discuss with them how to sustain mental well-being in our daily lifestyle. Today we have with us Ivy Chakraborty; a life coach, clinical hypnotherapist and mindfulness practitioner. She will help us get her expert take on mental well-being.

Q1. What is Therapy in layman terms?
Therapy means to cure, to heal, to strengthen without any kind of medical intervention or any invasive procedure. There are various types of therapies. In terms of the layman, it is something which makes you feel good. When a person is ill either physically or mentally, anything which results in better feeling is a therapy for that person. It can be anything like a massage, shopping, or a movie, or even a cup of coffee with a friend and shared talks can work as therapy. Taking a therapy shouldn’t be confused with a serious illness or a grave problem. Just as our body gets ill- like cold, fever, etc. Similarly, our mind also undergoes some minor problems, like it becomes necessary to vent out, presence of mental toxins. Hence anything which makes one feel better amidst these problems is called therapy.

Q2. What are the symptoms which indicate the need to take therapy for mental well-being?
As such there are no specific symptoms that indicate the need to go to a therapist. For instance, in foreign countries, there is a trend whereby people spare time and go on vacations during festivals. While in India people are more indulged in day to day work. A child who doesn’t takes interest in doing anything or undergoes mood swings is not seen as a grave problem, rather its left to heal on its own. The reason behind this type of neglecting behavior is lack of awareness. Hence there isn’t a set of specific symptoms that gives rise to the need for therapy. It may be a wish to see a therapist. Obvious symptoms would be lack of sleep, lack of appetite, procrastination. 
Human being has a goal which is a result of one’s own wishes and desires. When wishes and desires are converted to goal it demands a course of action. Lack of action, due to fear or a belief system that promotes procrastination will result in non-fulfillment of goals giving rise to the guilt of non-achievement. When there is a desire to do something, which is right and must be done, but something inside prevents us from doing it, e.g. a person who wants to quit smoking knowing it is bad for health, or a person who wants to get rid of a bad company, or a person who gets destructive when angry. When you know you need to do something but you are not able to do it, then you need help. This “help” may be termed as coaching or training or therapy. It hardly matters what it is named. 
Something is wrong and you feel the need to make it right demands the need to see a therapist. The stigma attached to the cause of seeing a therapist- usually looked upon as a mental illness needs serious consideration. It is only little things that matter and if we can rely on medicines for conditions like cold and cough, taking therapy for the well-being of mind should be seen as a grave problem. A little help can be a lot more fruitful and of great help.

Q.3 What are the small shifts that we can make to improve our mental fitness in our day to day life? What would you recommend as a life coach?
 When we talk about well being it should be considered as holistically, overall well-being.
good physically and depressed mentally has the same adverse effects as being seriously ill. 
First of all be aware that we all have a mind. Just like we take care of our physical body by eating good food, exercising, etc. similarly one should be aware of the importance of mental well-being. Just because it is an intellectual aspect and cannot be seen, it shouldn’t be neglected. Mental nutrition and mental exercise are important to our well being just as good nutrition and exercise are to our body.
One of the good initiatives taken by Joyous Beam is stillness- also known as meditation, mindfulness, or peace workshop is just a millimeter shift towards mental well-being. Change is always resisted and hence it is difficult to bring shifts from the usual routine. Peace Workshops demand a negligible 15 minutes of a person to dedicate it to their mind. There should be vacations just for fun and leisure, there shouldn’t be any agendas during that period. Just go and have fun!! It works wonders for the mind.
Also practicing mindfulness – i.e. focusing on one point, living and being in the present. It can also be done by meditation. It channelizes our energy to focus on things we ought to do. Focus is the prime thing required to be successful and achieve one’s goals.

Q.4 Do you think Aromatherapy can help in this aspect of the well-being of the mind? If yes, then as a life coach how do you feel scented candles play a role in routine? How can one benefit from the use of scented candles?
 Smell affects our body and brain in many different ways. We associate smells with various incidents and situations. Our mind is designed to register smells and recall incidents when encountered with similar ones. Smells have an important role play in mood shifts. An incense stick burning in a room will automatically give the feeling of presence in a temple. Similarly, a bad odor will make one feel upset or terrible.
Aromatherapy is an important therapy that can help you in shifting moods. There are specific smells that can shift your mood in a specific way. For instance, Orange uplifts mood, Lavender gives calmness, nutmeg gives sound sleep. When the state of mind is good, all energy flows in a positive direction. 
A light aroma of lavender from lighted candles in a room is a warm welcome after a long and stressful day. Candle therapy should be used daily especially before sleeping. It helps to have a good and sound sleep. In this fast-paced world, it is very important to have a healthy sleeping practice, just as we have a specific daily routine. Because when you sleep sound, you have a good day, days become weeks, weeks become months and months become years!
                                     yellow candles

Q.5 Any tips for the readers?
Your mind needs nutrition, your mind needs your care, your love. It also requires a healthy dose of exercise every day. Do something every day for your mind. Anything done for the well being of mind will pay off far better than anything done for the physical body. Any amount of time or effort invested in the well-being of the mind will help in the long run. Invisible things carry more importance than things which can be seen.

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