English Lavender Scented Candle

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The aroma of fresh lavender flowers right in your room!

Imagine your surroundings smelling like a fresh floral bouquet all day all along, this Scented Candle by Joyous Beam has the same effect.

Be the super host for your upcoming get-together party and amaze all your guests as soon as they enter with this detoxifying and refreshing smell in the air!


Burn Time 

6 oz (32+ hours) (~170 gm)

3 oz (15+ hours) (~90 gm)



Premium, Natural Vegetable Soy Wax.



Quality Ingredients for most Organic, Vibrant Scent.


Lavender can immediately give you a refreshment feeling. Relieving all your stress and negativity this aroma is the best fit for your living room space. Rose notes balance your mood and brain. Multi-purpose use of this aroma can also out you to a good night's sleep!


Top Notes - Fresh Lavender

Base Notes - Rose


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