Tender Vanilla Scented Candle

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Do you love Baking ?

Are you someone who can’t stop themselves from indulging in a Dessert?

Then you can’t , can’t miss this scent which will actually bring a Bakery to your Home.For all those Date Nights , Candle Light Dinners or just a lazy Evening ,this Scent is the right match always.


Burn Time 

6 oz (32+ hours) (~170 gm)

3 oz (15+ hours) (~90 gm)



Premium,Natural Vegetable Soy Wax.



Quality Ingredients for most Organic , Vibrant Scent.


Vanilla Fragrance Candles can help stop cravings for Sweet Desserts. This Scent can help you to get a Good Night's sleep as well. It will calm your brain and relief from anxiety because of its sedative properties.


Top Notes - Sweet and Creamy French Vanilla , Butter

Base Notes - Burnt Coconut


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