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5 DIY Home styling tips for starters

Hey Reader,

I am here to share some of easy tricks and tips of home styling that can launch you right in the world of home decor. These pointers are genuinely my go-to tricks whenever I am in the mood to turn my boring space in to something cheerful and comfortable.

So give it a good read, take your colour brush and start painting your beautiful home. 

  • Comfort of Rugs-Throws

Don't hesitate to go ahead and get some beautiful crochet material, boho print, throws, rugs, table runners, tea towels. You can style up them up in your bedroom, armchair or swing in your balcony.Stripe print ,geometry prints, are some of the best options that fits universally.  Go for cotton fabric as much as possible here.This will create a warm and inviting effect to your space. Just do not go for loud colours here as they will cover up your entire area.

rug for home decor

   rug for home decor

  • Innovative Pots for your plants/flowers

Now this is where you can play with colours! Plants can go everywhere to any corner of your house. Play with vibrant coloured and innovative pot ideas. Like using a steel milk containers, tea kettles. You can go ahead and take this fun DIY project of painting these planters. You can also use up your old glassware as planters for closed terrariums, quirky mugs as planters for succulents. Select a theme and go on adding as many quirkiness you feel to this segment.



  • Antique Vintage touch

To balance out the quirkiness and colours you can add some copper, brass decor elements.Elephants, lotus, Incense stick holder, small bowls and trays all this made with shining brass will balance out your aesthetics. Take your time finding these antique elements, search and never hoard all at once. Whenever you are travelling have an eye for these quirky elements in local markets. You now will have a story for each element that goes up in your home.

  • Plates and trays organiser

Wooden material trays and plates that can hold up your essentials are a great decor piece to have on your tables.It can be your bedside table where you want your favourite book, night cream, your reading glass and a soothing scented candle. All of these items goes in this chic trays.It can be wooden, it can be a quirky ceramic plate. You can again go loud here and play with prints, artworks that speaks about you.Remember styling up YOUR space needs to have elements that speaks out YOUR personality. Throw these plates and trays by your dressing table for your daily accessories, coffee table for your quirky tea cups and newspaper, centre table for small plant vases and candles. You can seamlessly add plants and candles to any of this. They never go wrong.

tray for home decor

tray for home decor


  • Sooth your ambiance

Experts say that what brings you peace should always be around you and hence you can never forget to add touch of Scent for the right ambiance.Pick scented Candles for your home decor that speaks about your mood. If you are someone who needs to relax often go for a Tangy Citrus Scented Candle that has notes of cinnamon which will help you relax.Place a Japanese Cherry scented candle for your living room which will always have a refreshing uplifting effect. Have a Mocha Brew scented candle by your reading corner to help you concentrate.Dim yellow light of these jars will fill you up with gratefulness and love every time you light them up at dusk.Their scents will fill your home with calmness and peacefulness that will surround your loving family members.

candle for home decor


candles for home decor

candle for home decor


I have shared all the knowledge based on constant surfing and researching all the artists, home decor experts, DIY projects.One thing you can trust me on is any interior designer would give a modern or contemporary or vintage look to your house.

But only you can convert it into a loving home space that satisfies you and your family's comfort.

A designer would never know the importance of having a tray by the bedside of our grandparents to place their daily medicines, to have your kids favourite pen stand by their desk

So don't think much and start styling up!

What is your go-to Home styling tip?

Leave your reviews/suggestions in the comment section below! 💖

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