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What does your scented candle preference reveal about you?

brown scented candles

You all must have heard and observed about your Personality Traits according to your Zodiac Signs. When you go shopping for perfumes, you choose a fragrance that suits your personality, right? Then why not do the same for your Candles? You don't know how you could do that!

Worry not Dears, here are the Personality Traits according to the scents of our Scented Candles.

 Read the following article to find out which Scented Candle suits your personality the most.

If you are a person who stays relaxed even in stressful times, then our English Lavender Candle is a bottled representation of you!
You are a survivor and can easily overcome tough obstacles. The other end of your personality speaks about you being passionate, secretly romantic, and are deeply in touch with your own emotions.
lavender candle
People who are perfectionists, trendsetters and spontaneous will fall in love with our Mocha Brew Candle.
You have a touch of sophistication and a hint of bold, sometimes showing your sensitive side too.  The optimistic character in you makes you a likable person among all. The base note of vanilla will help to optimize the impulsive idealist that lies within you.


brown scented candles


 If you call yourself a workaholic, you definitely need to have a peek at our Cranberry Fiesta Candle.
Even though you pay greater attention at work, sometimes being aggressive, yet you have great control over your romantic life. When it comes to your personal life, you are warm, happy, energetic, truthful, and shower your love for your partner delicately. You are very reliable when it comes to responsibilities.cranberry candle
If you love to dance in the rains, you would be delighted to have the fragrance of our Japanese Cherry candles in your room.
You belong to a category of people who have an aesthetic charm with a positive and confident attitude. You are also a little romantic and passionate about both your and your partner's feelings.
candle for bedroom
If you love spending your weekends indoors, then our Tangy Citrus Candle could be your perfect partner.
You are a person who loves to enjoy life as the mood dictates. Your personality reflects strength, spontaneity, generosity, optimism, eagerness, and boldness. You need constant fun, variety, stimulation, and excitement yet, you can manage with the mood around. There is an added bonus in your personality like the nutmeg in this candle, that is, you are a super loving creature.


 cinnamon candle


 If you love mountains, you must try our Crispy Pine Candles.

This candle gives you the essence of the reason why you love mountains. Your attention spans at one thing at a time. You can get a little snobbish sometimes but at the same time, you are highly active, adventurous, and stylish. The elegant touch within you sums it all in one word!pine candle

Are you Vanilla? Well, we don't need to elaborate that I guess! If you are impulsive, easily suggestible and an idealist, then you must go for our Tender Vanilla Candle. It also speaks about your other character of being hard on the outside and soft on the inside.

vanilla candle


If you are a person who loves beaches, you would fall in love with our Beachy Vibe Candles.
You believe in being open to new relations and opportunities. You are an extrovert and of an agreeable nature. You love listening to people, getting involved in new adventures, extremely cheerful, and highly expressive. People around you feel refreshed and calm just because you are around.
Light this candle, and feel your own vibe with its fragrance.
ocean candle



If you love interacting with people, call yourself an extrovert, and a fun-loving person, you must try our Orchard Zest Candle!
The candle speaks about your vibrant and wild character well. You can be obsessed and competitive but you are absolutely harmless.
candle for anxiety



If you love bikes over cars, this is what you should be spending your peaceful days with. You are a person who understands the nature of the Universe. Our Candle Earthy Town is for the people who are compassionate, generous, kind-hearted. You are a born thinker, logical and like things organized. You can light these up while you are meditating.

Frankincense candle



If you like to be charming, lively, a little dramatic, and flirting is your art, our Chocolate Mint Candle is just what you require!
People look at you with the eye of "becoming like you". You are kind and affectionate. You never mind giving free friendly advice to people about self-love, make-up, and appreciating them without any judgment. Your loving and caring nature keeps you in touch with your own emotions which further brings out the passionate self from within.
chocolate candle


If you are a free-spirited, intelligent, brave, powerful, contain great potential and focused person then our Blooming Flora Candle suits your personality the best.
You are an appreciator of good work. The other end of your personality speaks out of you being a dreamer, passionate lover, romantic, and flirtatious. This candle is a bottled representation of you.
jasmine candle



We hope you found the Candle that speaks about your personality the best. Do let us know which candle scent suits your personality, in the comments section. You can also tell us if you have any more traits than the ones mentioned above.

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